Explore SRG with «Metro»

“Metro” guides you station by station through all the important and interesting issues to do with the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SRG SSR). See why SRG has a public mandate but is nevertheless not an institution established under public law. You can become acquainted with SRG's unique form of organization and see what objectives SRG wants to pursue in future. “Metro” is a tool for people in a hurry, but also for those who want to know exactly what's what. “Metro” is aimed at new employees, but there are also one or two things for "old SRG hands" to discover as well. Of course, people who don't work at SRG are also invited to get to know SRG better with ”Metro”. The first station on each “Metro” line provides a concise summary of the key facts. The second station looks more closely at the subject matter. Detailed information is available at station three, and clicking on station four will take you to the RSI, RTR, RTS, SRF and SWI Swissinfo Enterprise Units.

The Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SRG) – part of the diverse Swiss media scene

SRG is part of the Swiss media scene and what happens there concerns all of us, because a wide range of independent media services is extremely important in order for democracy to function. 

But the necessary range of media services does not come into being or continue to exist automatically. For this reason, approximately 67,5 million francs of licence fee revenue is used to support 21 private radio stations and 13 private television stations in Switzerland in addition to SRG (as of 2016). In Switzerland, newspapers are indirectly subsidized with government funding, for example by benefiting from cheap postal delivery charges.

Newspapers in particular are coming under increasing pressure from the Internet as a source of free information, and the number of newspaper titles has been falling for years.

In this area of conflict SRG must also, in its own interests, judiciously ensure that media diversity continues to survive in Switzerland.