Explore SRG with «Metro»

“Metro” guides you station by station through all the important and interesting issues to do with the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SRG SSR). See why SRG has a public mandate but is nevertheless not an institution established under public law. You can become acquainted with SRG's unique form of organization and see what objectives SRG wants to pursue in future. “Metro” is a tool for people in a hurry, but also for those who want to know exactly what's what. “Metro” is aimed at new employees, but there are also one or two things for "old SRG hands" to discover as well. Of course, people who don't work at SRG are also invited to get to know SRG better with ”Metro”. The first station on each “Metro” line provides a concise summary of the key facts. The second station looks more closely at the subject matter. Detailed information is available at station three, and clicking on station four will take you to the RSI, RTR, RTS, SRF and SWI Swissinfo Enterprise Units.

Objectives and principles that we define for ourselves

  • What are SRG's Corporate Principles?

    Most large companies have corporate principles. They provide the company with direction. They describe the enterprise's underlying vision and the mission that is to be jointly undertaken. Externally, corporate principles reflect a company's fundamental stance. They are used to derive corporate policies and strategies. Complementing its mission and vision, SRG's Corporate Principles list its key principles: credibility, independence, diversity, creativity and fairness.

    Corporate principles

  • What purpose is SRG pursuing with its Corporate Strategy?

    The Corporate Strategy covers all areas of the company, both externally (services, market and mandate) and internally (processes, finances and human resources). It lays down the direction in which SRG is to grow. From it, the Enterprise Units (RSI, RTR, RTS, SRF and SWI Swissinfo), departments (e.g. Operations and Finance) and subsidiaries (Technology and Production Center Switzerland AG, SWISS TXT AG, Telvetia S.A. and Mxlab AG) derive their sub-strategies. Strategic service guidelines provide a framework for the ongoing development of SRG's regional and national services. Programming and production management use these guidelines to set priorities for their individual areas.

    Business strategy SRG SSR

  • What objectives are included in SRG's current Corporate Strategy?

    The corporate strategy is a signpost for SRG on its path to becoming a digital multimedia company. SRG wants content for all significant forms of media use and all appropriate platforms. It gears its offering to added value for users and offers its services to them where they are located. Specifically, SRG will

    • expand its offering for a mobile, young and urban audience and for people with a migration background;
    • step up contact with  media users, especially via social networks. SRG uses online channels and HbbTV to interact with its audience;
    • cultivate an independent and challenging form of journalism whose professionalism sets standards;
    • target regional, national and international cooperations;
    • live up to its responsibility for the media community, the economy and for a sustainable society;
    • engage in innovation and increase its agility;
    • promote a digital corporate culture.

    Business strategy SRG SSR